Selv Rituel

Surprise box


A surprise box filled with products to take care of you, do you good and discover fragrances. A way to recover products and raw materials that we no longer needed, but which would necessarily make someone happy. 

Hurry, limited quantity;) We'll send you everything in our beautiful box reserved for monthly box subscribers. Note that we send the box directly by post, it will have lived through the ups and downs of transport.

The experience

Notice to you, product fan selfcares hardened. You will discover unique and special products that will never come back. Sometimes no label, sometimes with. No instructions. It's up to you to concoct a ritual as you like them. 

It's such a fun and playful gift to give yourself. Let yourself be surprised by what it will contain! 

Do not worry, ALL the products in the box are healthy and good for you. 

What does it contain? 

Between 5 to 8 products. All worth over $130. 

We bottled our tests, these oils which are excellent for the skin and which smell deliciously good. Of course we think they smell delicious! It's just that we've chosen a different combination of scents for what makes up our official rituals. 

products with some defaults. Still good, but just not perfect enough to sell for full price. We hate waste and despite these few flaws, they are still worth using. Raw materials that were not 100% perfect according to our quality criteria, but still usable and excellent for you all the same. 

Our old branding. A few months ago, we changed the visual of our products. On the other hand, we had a few items left with the previous labels. The content is always perfect. 

Of the'extra, simply. Some of our products are no longer available for sale on our website. And yet, they are still divine! Otherwise, a few items have been ordered for special customer orders. These are the remnants of those few commands. 

Products that were in the rituals of our SELVMADE boxes past. Whether SELV products or not. 



If you have allergies to certain foods, such as nuts, soy, fruit (apples, pears, peaches) and/or flowers, we do not recommend ordering this box. You could react. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nathalie Gauthier
Boîte surprise

J’ai été agréablement surprise 🥰j’aime quand je reçois des pierres ma plus grosse surprise à été de trouver un rituel complet dedans...j’aime beaucoup les boite surprise 💜c’est un vrai plaisir de découvrir vos beaux produits 😉j’en ai commandé plusieurs et je ne suis pas capable d’arréternel! Merci 😊 vous êtes super 👍

Beau contenu et belle qualité de produits

Très satisfaite de ma boîte, une belle sélection de produits de qualité et que dire de la rapidité du service. Je recommande !