Cedar and Sage Smudge


The experience

The cedar and sage smudge stick offers a balsamic scent, blended with the classic sage scent we know. This smell will soothe your mind, in addition to having incredible relaxing properties. The art of fumigation can be practiced at any time, as long as you feel the need. 



Symbol of purity, harmony and serenity, it brings purification of places and oneself. Cedar, like sage, disperses negative energies and attracts good energies. 


The ritual 

At SELV, we believe that a bath or shower ritual is always more complete, relaxing and purifying for the soul and the spirit with incense or a session of smudging. It frees the air of heavier energies and gives way to lightness to really benefit from your moment. 

Use this smudge with The Boreal Ritual immersive kit



Below a heat and ash resistant receptacle, light the end of the stick with a match or lighter. Let the flame consume the end and extinguish the fire. Be careful to extinguish the stick once your purification ritual is complete.

It can also be used to eliminate bad smells. You can also use the art of fumigation to purify and cleanse your crystals. 


A bunch about 4 inches.