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100 questions - A toolkit for families

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Tools for families.  

The experience

It's not always easy for families to relate to, but good conversation can play a role in building a strong bond between the generations. Inside this box you will find 100 carefully composed questions to start imaginative and stimulating conversations between children and adults.

Use them as a tool to learn more about each other, build confidence and communication skills - and to brighten up time with family. Divided into categories, these cards cover topics such as: family, life, personality, school, career, friendship, hobbies, technology, world and space.


Some examples...

“How strict will you be as a parent? »

«  Say something that's really annoying about your parents? »

«  The best way to get me to do something that I don't want to do is ... »

«  If humans could, would you want to live on Mars? »



A fun game to play with the family. Around a meal, during an aperitif, in an evening, around a fire ... It doesn't matter. Getting closer to your family feels so good. 

The ritual 

To make a family, there are steps to follow. Pregnancy is one of them! We offer a complete and safe ritual for pregnant women: The Origin Ritual for future mothers. 



100 cards.

15 cm x 11.5 cm x 5 cm. 

English language.