Sage Smudge

$9.00 CAD

The experience

Sage is a sacred plant for most Native American peoples in North America. On the other hand, the art of fumigation accompanies all cultures around the world. This sage stick allows you to permeate your body with smoke and cleanse a room of the bad energies that are there. Word "sage" comes from latin "salvia" which means "to save".



Aids in healing and harmony. It is a plant of protection and purification. During a bath ritual, tradition has it that sage purifies your energy, your soul and eliminates bad energies. Sage is also used for any spiritual purification ritual.


The ritual 

At SELV, we believe that a bath or shower ritual is always more complete, relaxing and purifying for the soul and the spirit with incense or a session of smudging. It frees the air of heavier energies and gives way to lightness to really benefit from your moment. Smell is the only sense that never sleeps and is directly related to emotions. 

Use this sage stick with any of our immersive kits. You can also use it in an immersive shower experience with our shower gels gentle on the skin. 



Below a heat and ash resistant receptacle, light the tip of the sage with a match or lighter. Let the flame consume the end and extinguish the fire. Be careful to extinguish the stick once your purification ritual is complete.

Use it to eliminate bad smells. You can also use the art of fumigation to purify and cleanse your crystals. 


A bunch about 4 inches