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Delivery every week of September everywhere in Qc.

The experience

The hot vapors of the shower, eucalyptus in a bouquet, like the spa, but at home.

It is with a fresh bouquet for the shower that you will find the same feeling as being at the spa, but this, every day. The spa as if you were there, but in the comfort of your home :)

How long does a bouquet last?

You will receive your fresh bouquet, once in your charming bathroom, the bouquet will start to dry, even very quickly and this is completely normal. Don't worry, that's also how he evaporated his sap :) You don't have to do anything. Let the water from your shower head, hot or cold, run over your bouquet.It's hard to say exactly how long your bouquet will last, but it's on average 3 weeks :) Then just put it in a vase for a beautiful decoration. 0 waste and it's so beautiful!

We cannot guarantee the strength of the scent given off by eucalyptus, why? Because each branch is different, sometimes a branch smells a lot and sometimes less. But the result is the same in terms of benefits. And it is really beautiful! 

the bouquet 

10 Eucalyptus branches 

1 cord 100% cotton

100% natural


Hang your bouquet in your shower so that the hot steam releases the delicate and very sweet natural fragrance of the bouquet (our bouquet includes a rope made of 100% natural material so that it can be hung very simply under your shower head). Once your eucalyptus has given everything, you can keep the bouquet, but this time in a vase to decorate your favorite room.

It is important not to expect the bouquet to smell as strong as its essential oil, they are two completely different things :) The smell of the bouquet is sweet and unique! It's up to you to try it to understand! 

Duration of a bouquet: between 1 and 3 weeks (the time varies depending on your use of the shower and the maintenance of the bouquet).

Please note that no refund will be given. Delivery to Montreal, RIve-Nord, Rive-Sud and Quebec for the moment :) 



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