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Cards for serenity. 

The experience

Every day brings with it opportunities to get angry: the behavior of others, colleagues, children - and computers. Distractions, worries and fears arise and leave us stressed and confused.

These calm cards contain ideas and observations to help us deal with these frustrations. With wry humor, heartwarming cultural references, and a small dose of pessimistic wisdom, they help bring our best and calmer together.

On the one hand, there is a striking graphic illustration that varies greatly in style and tone from card to card. On the flip side, the typography ranges from simple and clear to deliberately provocative and unexpected - just like life.


Some examples...

«  The people who care about you the most won't particularly admire your accomplishments; they love you anyway. For the paranoia about "what other people think": remember that only some hate, very few love - and almost all don't care. The only people we feel healthy are those we don't know very well yet. »



Choose a card that speaks to a concern of the moment. Pin it on your desk to remind you of the virtues of an ever fragile tranquility.

The ritual 

Take the time to read one or more cards during a relaxing bath, such as at the spa. Try The Nordic Ritual immersive kit



60 cards.

10.4 cm x 7.3 cm x 3.6 cm. 

English language.