Moon Phases Dream Catcher

$45.00 CAD

The experience

This dreamcatcher features five different moon phases, ranging from waning phase to full phase, including crescent made up of circles of different sizes wrapped in faux black suede. 


The moon symbolizes the cycles of our life. Through several cycles, we acquire real knowledge, it is associated with dreams and carrying new projects, or even children.



Use it to decorate your home or significant events. 

The dream catcher has the function of filtering all dreams. Sweet dreams stay in the bedroom, and bad dreams are trapped and burned off at sunrise with the first rays of light.


The ritual 

Will accompany your Moon ritual in the best possible way. Uses Moon diffuser oil before going to bed by placing a few drops on your pillows. You can also massage your legs with Moon bath and body oil, or even just enjoy the benefits of essential oils by rolling the roll on the moon on the wrists, behind the ears or on the temples. 



45 inches in length