Himalayan Pink Salt Chandelier


The experience

Himalayan pink salt is excellent for purifying the air in a home because it is anti-bacterial. The source of light which passes through the crystals of that produce negative ions which will neutralize the positive ions of the air. In other words, they help eliminate mold, allergens and bacteria.  

This pink salt was formed 250 million years ago in northern Pakistan. The salt then oxidized on contact with the iron that was present underground, which is why it is now pink. 

Comes with a small lantern. 




Light your lantern with an intention, a wish, a deep request and let go of this thought.



Being made by nature, sizes and shapes will vary. About 4 inches wide. 

Warning: The salt accumulates the humidity of the room where it is located, once waterlogged, the salt releases its accumulated water into salt. What could damage your furniture, your floor or the place chosen for your beautiful sphere.

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