Selv Rituel

Gift set - the Immersive Kit set and the Rituel Minuit bath and body oil


The experience

This duo is simply amazing. Imagine a bath ritual that will get in the holiday spirit. A very rich and perfect bath and body oil to give your skin radiance and health. The immersive kit, a turnkey bath ritual will only impress!

Offer time this year to those you love.

Comes in a black box and black ribbon.

Midnight Ritual immersive kit


Pink Himalayan salt, sliced oranges, cranberry, pine casserole, straw flowers, cinnamon stick, SELV matches, floating lantern, Rituel Minuit bath and body oil.

Midnight Ritual Bath and Body Oil Ingredients

Orange essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, natural pomegranate fragrance and vitamins E.


100% natural, made in Montreal.



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