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Remember why you are important to each other. 

The experience

We tend to chat with our partners all the time, but often not about what really matters - the kinds of topics that clean the air, that reintroduce a spirit of fun, that bring us together, that remind us of what is really special. to be in a relationship. 

This is a card game for fostering connection and closeness, which can (strangely but really) be generated almost on command by the right kind of conversations. Here are 100 questions that help couples rekindle the flame. They naturally lead to discussions about what we are willing to forgive, what we deeply appreciate, what remains exciting, and what is especially worth cherishing. It's a deceptively simple game with life-changing consequences.

Some examples... 

« What I really admire about you is ... »

« How would you like us to meet at the end of each day? »

« The trick to understanding why I can be difficult at times is to remember that ... »

"When friends talk about us, what do you think they're saying that is great about us? »



5 categories of questions to explore: appreciation, aspiration, desire, forgiveness and growth. Shuffle the dice to determine the category in which you should draw your card. The perfect game for a romantic dinner. 

The ritual 

If you want to rekindle the flame, or just have a moment in which you will truly connect with your loved one, you can do it in a bath! We recommend the The Desert Ritual immersive kit for a sensual atmosphere. Otherwise, try our Blomst bubble bath. A bath for two is so pleasant! 



100 cards and a dice. 

10cm x 10cm x 6cm. 

 English language.