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Conversations menus

$36.00 USD

Menus to promote friendship and bring meals to life. 

The experience

We usually spend a lot of time preparing great food when we invite other people over to dinner, but at the end of the day what makes a really great occasion is - of course - always the conversation around the table. . Usually, we stumble upon some fascinating conversation topics. Shyness can hold us back. Too often we go back to basics that are polished, but not overly inspiring. 

Designed to go with every service, these twenty conversation menus artfully lead us to some of the most fascinating and revealing conversation topics. They invite us to open up to themes such as love, money, travel, self-knowledge and the meaning of life. They contain questions and invites for discussion that will bring smiles, build friendships, and foster the best kind of intimacy, ensuring our meals together are everything we hoped for.


Some examples...

What do you blame your parents for?

What would you like your partner to forgive you?

Have you ever sabotaged your own success?

Who did you fall in love with during your school years?

Describe your memorable first encounter with another culture.

What should children learn about the adult world?



Use this game for dinner with family or friends. 

The ritual 

We can get together to celebrate for no special reason, but we can also take the time to celebrate the people we love, and this is always so wonderful. Offer to the people of your heart our magnificent greeting cards with flower confetti




17.6 cm x 14.7 cm. 

English language.