7 color HEM incense

$2.00 USD

The experience 

Burning incense is a universal ritual that has existed for millions of years in almost every culture around the world. It calms the mind and brings serenity. 

The 7 colors of this incense correspond to the colors of the chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. This incense is intended to guide you during meditations in which you will focus on specific chakras and therefore on specific colors. In addition, each color has a different smell.



Put a burning match on the end of the stick until it turns redder; extinguish the match. Place the sticks in a censer, flowerpot or glass filled with salt, sand or earth. Take care that the ashes fall on a non-flammable surface, and do not put near flammable articles, such as paper, draperies, etc. Avoid any contact of the sticks with varnished, painted, plastic surfaces, etc. 


The ritual 

Use incense sticks with our incense holder minimalist. 



Incense sticks are made from materials such as charcoal, bamboo sticks, herbs, and a mixture of aromas and essential oils.

HEM is one of the largest producers and exporters of incense in the world. 



20 sticks per bag.

Made in India.