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Jojoba Bath and Body Oil

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The experience

Jojoba oil protects against dehydration by slowing down water loss from the skin. Nourishing, it penetrates without leaving a greasy film to the touch on the skin. Re-balancing, it regulates sebum secretions. It is the oil that is most similar to the sebum produced by the skin. 


It smells...

Nothing at all. Pure base oils are odorless. 


The benefits of this oil

  • Prevents dehydration
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Rebalances sebum secretion



For the bath
Add between 2-3 pipettes of oil directly into hot water. 
To create your own bath and body oil, you can add 15 drops of diffuser oil of your choice directly in your bath with your favorite base oil. 

For your body
Apply 1 or 2 pipettes of oil to the desired area to hydrate your skin.

To massage
Use it as a massage oil. Apply 1 or 2 pipettes of oil to the desired location.

To exfoliate
Mix the oil with the bath salt of your choice to exfoliate your skin. Read our article to understand why exfoliate and how to do it with our products.

This oil is safe for pregnant women. 

*For external use only. Do not apply to lips, eyes or genitals. 



Clear Jojoba Oil


Natural. Vegan.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Louis-Georges Lapointe
Huile corporelle

J’aime bien mais je dois trouver le produit que je préfère. C’est aussi assez cher pour la quantité mais la qualité est présente.

Ariane Compagnat

J'aime beaucoup l'huile de jojoba lorsque je la met directement sur ma peau. J'ai trouvé que dans le bain elle ne me permet pas de conserver toutes ses propriétés.