Selv Rituel

The Generation Sidechick Ritual


Pure, grandiose and bewitching love. A captivating and sweet moment. Self-love, a moment for you. 

This set is a natural association between two local companies that share common values. The mission of this ritual is to glorify physical and mental well-being. We offer you this unique moment of relaxation for a session in complete solitude and fullness.

A moment to put you down, admire you, love you.

The SELV x Generation Sidechick playlist, just here

Generation Sidechick 

Generation Sidechick is the brand where older women in their 30s can meet. It's a podcast, but also an inspiring, educational and authentic platform. They have a deep desire to learn and grow. They therefore offer, through their discussions, concrete tools to lead a healthy, balanced and fully fulfilled life. Their mission? Simply do you good. 

The box contains: 

- Body scrub with pink clay and geranium
- Powdered bath milk with vanilla, geranium and palo santo (2 baths) 
- Floral immersive case 
- Palo santo 
- Bath and body oil with vanilla, geranium and palo santo 

100% natural 100% vegan  

Each product is crafted from quality ingredients and has been carefully handcrafted here in Montreal. 

The ritual 

Run your bath water. Light your palo santo stick and let it burn for about 30 seconds. Let the smoke take negative energies away from the room and attract the positive, the beautiful. Pour half the contents of the bath milk into the hot water and stir well so that the water and powder become homogeneous. Add 2-3 pipettes of oil. Place the flowers gently on the latte water of your bath. Exfoliate your skin whenever you want with the body scrub. Mass in circular movements. When you get out of the bath, take advantage of this beautiful moment to massage yourself with the oil. Remember that this experience is yours from start to finish. 


The exfoliant has been designed with high quality shea butter to deeply hydrate the skin. Geranium will offer toning properties, in addition to being anti-bacterial and helping with the appearance of scars. 

Powdered bath milk 

Bath milk is made from oats colloidal, in addition to containing pink Himalayan salt. Salt will help relax muscles and improve blood circulation. Rose dust is a gentle, natural and delicate exfoliant. The quantity of the sachet is equivalent to 2 baths. 

Bath and body oil  

A perfect blend of the most nourishing oils. Avocado, apricot, almond and argan oil is packed with benefits for the skin. Palo Santo essential oil is known to relieve tension because it is anti-inflammatory, while geranium essential oil will tone the skin. You can use it in your bath, on your skin as a nourishing oil or as a massage oil, and even on the ends of your hair. 

The immersive kit

A little treat to incorporate into your latte bath. Make a wish when you light your floating lantern, which you will gently place in your bath water. You can even integrate 1 to 2 pipettes of oil in your paper lantern to give it a sweet fragrance. 

The palo santo 

Palo Santo is known to ward off negative energies and attract creative inspiration. Eliminates bad smells and is particularly suitable for meditation. 

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