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The Ritual Au Lit Avec Anne-Marie

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The experience

A sweet moment for you. An intimate moment, with you. A moment to honor your femininity and emancipate yourself through your sexuality. 

CThis collaboration was self-evident: it is simple and so obvious, since it brings together two local companies that share the same deep values. Our respective missions intersect, under the sign of the importance of taking care of oneself, mentally, physically and at all levels.

We therefore offer you a moment of sweetness and relaxation, for you and with you. To honor your femininity, appreciate the woman you are and emancipate yourself through your sexuality.

A moment to lay down, contemplate and love you.

Make the best of it,

Anne Marie 


The SELV x Au Lit playlist With Anne-Marie, just here


In Bed With Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie, professional in sexology, helps women (people with a vagina) to achieve sexual fulfillment and regain their sexual power in well-being. 


The box contains: 

- Pure coconut oil 
- Cleansing oil of jojoba, blood orange and geranium 
- Bubble bath & shower gel 2 in 1 
- Rose quartz crystal massage wand 
- David's Magic Nut Herbal Tea 

100% natural 100% vegan    Handmade 


The ritual 

Run your bath water. Add the foaming soap to create a dense and relaxing foam. Meanwhile, prepare the cocktail or mocktail shown on the menu. Make yourself comfortable in your bath, your glass in your hand, and enjoy the present moment. Lubricate your quartz dildo with coconut oil and take the time to explore your body and discover new sensations. After your bath, clean your quartz dildo with cleansing oil and use this same oil to gently massage and nourish your skin. 


pure coconut oil 

Use as massage oil, lubricating oil or nourishing oil. Simply apply one or two droppers of oil to the desired area. Avoid using this oil with a condom. Do not use with silicone based sex toy. 


Jojoba, blood orange and geranium cleansing oil 

Use as massage oil, nourishing oil or cleansing oil. Simply apply one or two droppers of oil to the desired area. Use as crystal sex toy cleaner. Use the equivalent of 1 pipette and gently rub your toy. Rinse it with water. Wipe it up. Do not use with silicone sex toys. 


Bubble bath & shower gel 2 in 1 

This product can be used as a shower gel and a bubble bath. It is gentle on sensitive vaginal Ph. As a bubble bath, simply pour the equivalent of a tablespoon when the water is flowing. 

Biodegradable    Suitable for sensitive skin and sensitive vaginal PH 


Rose quartz crystal massage wand 

This crystal is angled to reach areas of your vagina that will allow you to explore new sensations. Go slowly and at your own pace. Use this tool as a massage tool for your body. Slip it on your thighs, your legs, your hates. Explore your body by using it in ways that make sense to you. 

Magic Nuts Herbal Tea David's tea 

3 tea bags with a sweet taste of apples, cinnamon bark and crunchy almonds. In this box, we offer you 2 cocktail recipes to immerse yourself in this sensual ritual. 

Caffeine free 


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Marie-Pier Desgens

Très beau coffret et c'est arrivé rapidement! J'aurais peut-être aimé avoir différentes odeurs pour le savon et l'huile nettoyante parmi celles offertes par Selv parce que celles proposées dans le coffret me rejoignent moins, mais j'aime mon achat tout de même et je vais m'assurer d'en faire bon usage. 😉