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SELVMADE Monthly box


The experience 

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, delivered to your door every month. 5 to 7 products discovered per month with our monthly SELVMADE box. A complete ritual to take care of yourself and do you good. 

Souse of themes, revolving around the bath ritual, the shower and daily rituals. All products are made here respecting our values. Natural and vegan. 

New subscribers?  You will receive the MARCH box - Le Rituel Évasion 


The subscriptions 

Please READ the subscription options CAREFULLY.

3 months: $54.99 PER MONTH 

6 months: $49.99 PER MONTH 

12 months: $45.99 PER MONTH 


3 box options 

The Ritual for the bath or The Ritual for the shower.

Both will contain products to take care of you and make you feel good. If you order the SHOWER boxyou will receive products adapted to a ritual that revolves around the shower and daily rituals. 

If you order the BATH boxyou will receive products adapted to a ritual that revolves around the bath and daily rituals. 

Each ritual box contains identical products, and others unique to each type of ritual. 


Some advantages of a monthly subscription

1 You save on the cost of each product. Basically, you get a lot more for your money! We like that! 

 These are exclusive products every month, it's the best way to discover hundreds of products with different fragrances. A great way to explore your tastes. And even sometimes, you can test and discover one of our favorite products sold on our site. 

3  The mission of each box is to offer you time for yourself. Each month, treat yourself to these moments of well-being.

 If one month, the theme appeals to you less, you can simply offer it as a gift for a birthday, a great way to offer an original gift and save time.

5  You also benefit from special advantages for subscribers to the monthly SELVMADE box, such as access to EXCLUSIVE products and discounts. 


Some examples

In your box, you will receive 5 to 7 different products. It will be SELV products or products from other companies that we love and have similar values to ours. Here are the types of products you could receive: bath, shower, care, health, well-being, decoration, service... 

We also offer you a short guide every month to understand how to use each of the products in your box, but also to get the most out of them. It's just here to get there. 



The delivery is 8$ CAD per box everywhere in Quebec and 10$ CAD per box anywhere else in Canada. In the United States, delivery is $18 CAD per box

The direct debit is done on the 15th of each month for your SELVMADE box for the following month. It will then leave our workshop between the 22nd and 28th of each month. 

For example, if the renewal of your box takes place on January 15, your SELVMADE box for the month of February will be sent to you between January 22 and 28 so that you receive it no later than the 1st of the month to which it corresponds. 

We deliver anywhere in Canada with Canada Post, your package will be returned to you safely. 



If you choose the 3, 6 or 12 month subscription option, you will be billed on the 15th of each month, regardless of when your first payment was made. It is possible that your first 2 boxes are closer together in terms of time. Our subscriptions are renewed automatically. If you no longer wish to be a subscriber, you must notify us by email at

You must commit to the duration of your plan. We ask you to please respect the duration of your plan. If you choose 6 months, you will have to receive 6 boxes to unsubscribe, otherwise we will charge penalty fees. 


Any notices, questions, requests or comments should be sent to the following email address: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Isabelle geadah

Les abonnements SELVMADE

Anne-Marie Gaudreau
Boite mensuelle Rituel - Soleil

Ça sent les vacances, l'été, le soleil ! Le gel pour le corps mousse beaucoup, les huiles scintillantes ne laissent aucun effet gras sur la peau, le beurre corporel s'applique bien et laisse la peau hyper douce. L'aspect scintillant dez huilles ne se voit pas vraiment une fois sur la peau, mais on sent bon, pas besoin de parfum !

Martine G.
Cette boîte = Parfaite

J'ai TOUJOURS hâte de recevoir ma boîte. C'est mon petit moment à moi, à chaque mois. Comme noel. J'aime tellement les produits et les odeurs! wawww.

meilleure boite mensuelle selfcare au québec

j'ai essayé full de boites mensuelles, c'est vraiment la best.
ya de la recherche sur les thématiques et des produits vraiment fun!