The Big Questions. self-awareness

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42 questions to develop greater self-knowledge.

The experience

Knowing yourself well is the basis of well-being! It leads us to make decisions that are in our best interests and thus, to live a life that truly fulfills us.

THE BIG QUESTIONS is a tool of introspection as much as a game. It gives you the opportunity, alone or with people you trust, to take a moment of reflection and to have deep conversations, in the pleasure and the lightness. 

Designed and printed in Quebec. 



Some examples...

"How does your joy manifest itself?" »

“Tell us about a time when you were brave. » 

"What would you like people to say about you?" »



You can play it solo and jot down the answers in a journal, or just think about it. You can also play it with two or more to share a unique and authentic moment. 

The ritual 

Take the time to read one or more cards during an incredible eucalyptus and lavender bubble bath. Try the Nordic Ritual bubble bath. 



42 cards and an instruction booklet.

9 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.5 cm. 

French language.