Selv Rituel

London fog with rose by BLUME


Delicious London Fog, without syrup or caffeine.

Stop and smell the roses with our "superfood" infused version of an old favorite. Our London Fog is floral, calming and slightly sweet. We use micro-ground rose petals, rose hips and tart cherries to make this blend rich in vitamins and stimulating the skin.

Rose has been used for centuries to relieve symptoms of PMS and bloating. 

The first step:
Add 1 teaspoon of your Blume blend to your cup.

Second step :
Mix with a drizzle of boiling water and blend until smooth.

Third step:
Add 1 cup of hot or cold milk and stir.

Fourth step:
Sugar with maple syrup and enjoy!

Use Blume's milk frother, you have the choice of color pink Where White.

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