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Face mask Cosmetic Clay


The experience

An ancient healing secret that will make your facial skin glow. the Cosmetic Clay is a purifying clay face mask made from the clays of bentonite, Moroccan red clay and French green clay  the purest. This combination of clays can help regenerate skin tissue by removing toxins. It can also help treat acne and reduce the appearance of scars. It is an excellent natural exfoliant, it will leave your skin soft and fresh. 


Simply mix your cosmetic clay with a little apple cider vinegar, aloe gel or water in a small bowl. Mix until dough forms. Apply evenly to the face and wait for the clay to harden. Take a warm washcloth and remove the hardened clay.

You may notice a little redness after your first use, so we recommend this facial treatment before going to bed. 


The ritual

To purify and cleanse your skin, use our face oil. Gently tap your skin to give a glow to your complexion. 



French green clay, Moroccan red clay, bentonite clay.




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