The New New Age

Seaweed and honey face mask

$16.00 USD

The experience

Wild kelp from the North Atlantic Ocean, certified organic spirulina and raw wildflower honey from Ontario, Canada combine to form a hydrating and nourishing skin tonic. Enchant yourself with a refreshing sea breeze, the soothing brackish embrace of sea plants and the joyful buzz of bees that work their magic and leave your face refreshed and alive with a soft, balanced glow.

100% edible beauty.  




To apply, simply remove a bit of the mask with your fingers or a spoon, mix with a little water and apply evenly to your face. Leave on for 3 to 8 minutes and rinse gently with lukewarm water. You can also use this face mask as a facial cleanser. Mix with a dab of water in your hands, then smear on your face and rinse. 


The ritual

To purify and cleanse your skin, use our face oil. Gently tap your skin to give a glow to your complexion. 



Raw honey, organic spirulina and wild kelp.

NON-VEGAN PRODUCT. Honey comes from bees.