Blume Coconut Matcha Blend

$25.00 CAD

The experience 

Matcha lovers, this "milk" is for you! Hand-picked, organically grown matcha from the Nishio region of Japan, this blend is what you need to get you going during the day.

Vegan. Organic. Sugar free. 



The first step :
Add 1 teaspoon of your Blume mix to a cup.

Second step :
Mix with a splash of boiling water until smooth.

Third step :
Add 1 cup hot or cold milk and stir. Use Blume's milk frother for incredible froth. You have the choice between pink, purple or white.

Step Four:
Sugar with maple syrup or vegan honey from Bumble Bloom and taste!


The ritual 

We believe that a complete bath ritual is always more comforting with a beverage worthy of the name! This coconut matcha mix from Blume allows you to create a trendy, but above all incredibly tasty latte drink that will make you dream of the south. A bit like Le Rituel Soleil, after all! Discover the immersive kit Le Rituel Soleil



Bag of 125g. 30 servings.