Blume Turmeric Hot Chocolate Mix

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The experience

Turmeric soothes the body and ashwagandha calms your mind. Formulated to reduce stress, give your skin a natural glow and aid digestion. A satisfying hot chocolate with multiple benefits. It is called, the Moon mylk

Vegan. Organic. Sugar free. 



The first step :
Add 1 teaspoon of your Blume mix to a cup.

Second step :
Mix with a splash of boiling water until smooth.

Third step :
Add 1 cup hot or cold milk and stir. Use Blume's milk frother for incredible froth. You have the choice between pink, purple or white.

Step Four:
Sugar with maple syrup or vegan honey from Bumble Bloom and taste!


The ritual 

We believe that a complete bath ritual is always more comforting with a beverage worthy of the name! This turmeric hot chocolate mix from Blume lets you create comforting, insanely good for you lattes that will make your dream SELVcare ritual come true. 



Bag of 125g. 30 servings.