Palo santo (holy wood)

$15.00 CAD

The experience

Our Palo Santo is directly imported from Peru. It comes from a tree from South America, baptized “Sacred wood” by the Inca shamans who use it as a purifying incense. During the bath ritual, tradition has it that the Palo Santo purifies your energy, your soul and eliminates bad energies. Offers a woody, almost sensual scent. 

The virtues of Palo santo essential oil are also incredible. Anti-inflammatory, it helps relieve stress and anxiety. 



Drives out negativity and attracts positivity. Would bring luck.


The ritual 

If you love the smell of Palo Santo as much as we do, try our Palo santo bath and body oil and enjoy even more benefits for you. 

At SELV, we believe that a bath or shower ritual is always more complete, relaxing and purifying for the soul and the spirit with incense or a session of smudging. It frees the air of heavier energies and gives way to lightness to really benefit from your moment. 

Use this smudge with The Desert Ritual immersive kit.



Above a receptacle resistant to heat and ashes, light the end of the wood using a match or a lighter. Let the flame consume the end for 25 seconds then extinguish the fire. Be careful to extinguish the wood once your purification ritual is complete.


4 sticks of about 2 1/2 inches.