Selv Rituel

Rough blue calcite stone


The experience

The blue calcite is known to aid in recovery and relaxation. It brings serenity and peace, in addition to soothing pain. It promotes mental concentration and releases blocked knots in the throat.

This stone can be found all over the world. In Canada, United Kingdom, France, United States, Mexico, some Asian countries and even a few places in Africa. 



Spiritual authority, it represents the ascending force. 

Blue calcite stone, according to legends, is connected with magic. Back then, people who claimed to have magical powers used it to multiply the strength of the spells they cast. 



Place it near your bed in your bedroom to enjoy the benefits of calcite on sleep. Keep her close to you when you are studying or when you need to communicate something. 



About 1 inch X 1 inch. Size may vary as they are semi-precious rough stones forged by nature. 


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