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Pillow talk

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A card game for intimate conversations. 

The experience

Although the pleasures of sex are well known, what is less emphasized are the pleasures of talking about sex: what feels good, what you like to dream about, what you aspire to, where your fantasies come from. There is hardly anything more interesting.

Maybe you don't know where to start, or you think you should know everything by now. Maybe some aspects of sex seem touchy, or there just isn't enough time to talk about it.

This deck of cards is designed to spark the best kind of talk in bed - the kind where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness, and intellectual curiosity. We guarantee you a new feeling of liberation and closeness.


Some examples... 

« In what slightly unusual place would you like to have sex? Why do you think this turns you on? "

"What kind of power dynamic turns you on sexually?" "

"Something that really bothers me is ..."

« In order to put me in the mood for sex, it would help if ... "

"Is the problem with infidelity hurting the other person, or is it inherently bad?"  »



Cards that will help you share your desires, but also explore them. Discover and deepen your fantasies. Learn more about the person you share your sexuality with.  

The ritual 

This game will certainly heat up the temperature and increase the desire in your relationship (s). Just in case you need it, get our pure coconut oil. It can act as a natural lubricant. It was nothing! 



60 cards. 

8cm x 10cm x 3.2cm. 

 English language. 


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Comme il est en anglais il peut être un peu difficile de poser la question correct mais la plupart du temps ça va. Je l'ai adoré pour ouvrir un peu la discussion même après des années