Selv Rituel

Avra Skin Facial Ice Roller


Cold is a natural element that helps stimulate blood circulation and calm inflammation. This ice roller is made from high quality stainless steel and ice balls. It is excellent for helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, tone, sculpt and temporarily reduce the appearance of pores.

Store in the freezer. 


Once a day, every day, in the morning. 

If you don't use it every day, this tool is ideal to use the day after a big night out when you find your face needs a little boost.

Start by cleaning the skin. Apply a tonic to your skin and then your face oil or your oil-based serum. It is suggested to use an oil so that the tool glides more easily on the skin of the face. 

Slide the tool over your face, from the bottom to the top. Start with your cheeks, under your eyes, your chin and your forehead. Repeat each movement 3 to 6 times. 


Always clean the tool well after use. 

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