Avra Skin

Avra Skin Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller

$60.00 CAD

A real favorite for the SELV team. The sensations of the roller sliding over the skin are simply incredible. Tensions are released to the maximum with this sublime and incredibly effective accessory. We recommend using it once or twice a day and believe me, you will quickly become addicted to the sensation. 

The sculpting roller is designed with 2 massage balls that will deeply massage the skin and muscles of the face. Immediate relief from tension and stress. Additional benefits include reducing puffiness, contouring the face, and improving blood circulation.

Made from 100% natural rose quartz from Brazil. Due to the natural formations in the stone, each is unique in color, texture and pattern. Comes in a small pouch to store the tool properly. 


2 times a day, every day, in the morning. 

Start by cleaning the skin. Apply a tonic to your skin and then your face oil or your oil-based serum. It is suggested to use an oil so that the tool glides more easily on the skin of the face. 

Slide the tool over your face, from the bottom to the top. Start with your cheeks, under your eyes, your chin and your forehead. Repeat each movement 3 to 6 times. 

Always clean the tool well after use. 

Masser ton visage.

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