Selv Rituel

Sachet of raw pyrites


The experience

The Pyrite is a metallic stone with a golden shine, or even sometimes a little gray. It has often been confused with gold, it is even found in the composition of certain meteorites. His name vIt comes from the Greek "pyros" which means "fire" because in Antiquity, it was used to make fire. 

This stone can be found in Peru, the United States and Italy. 


It is a symbol of rigor and concentration. Excellent for getting back into the present moment. It is associated with the root chakras, that of the solar plexus. 



It helps overcome fatigue and increase endurance. You can put them in a vase on your desk or use them in an altar for your workplace. 



225g of small pyrites in a linen bag. Between 12 and 17 small stones. 

The size of the stones can vary as they are semi-precious rough stones forged by nature. 

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