Avra Skin

Avra Skin Vibrating Facial T-Bar


The T-Bar produces sonic vibrations to lift, sculpt, contour and refresh the appearance of the skin. The vibrations of the tool mimic the effects of a professional massage. This tool is ideal for stimulating and optimizing the absorption of skin care. Its purpose is to give your skin a firmer, more luminous and radiant complexion. 

The vibrations are also amazing for relaxing tight muscles. The T-Bar will help relax the muscles that we often forget to relax, i.e. those of the jaw, temples and forehead. 

One AA battery is included. 


1 time per day, in the morning. 

Start by cleaning the skin. Apply a tonic to your skin and then your face oil or your oil-based serum. It is suggested to use an oil so that the tool glides more easily on the skin of the face. You could also use it on a gel or cream face mask that doesn't dry on the skin. 

Turn on your T-Bar by turning the bottom of the tool and slide it from the bottom to the top on the skin of your face. Start with your neck, then your chin, your days, under your eyes, on your eyebrows and in your forehead. Repeat each movement 3 to 6 times. 

Always clean the tool well after use. 


If you have any sensitivities to metal, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this tool. 

Masser ton visage.

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