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5 to 8 products discovered with our SELVMADE monthly box.

A gift to offer or to offer yourself, without obligation! 

You will receive the NOVEMBER - Le Rituel Chalet box.

Each monthdiscover the surprises that the SELV team has prepared for you. Under themes, of course, revolving around the ritual of bathing, showering and everyday rituals. We deliver anywhere in Canada with Canada Post, your package will be returned to you safely :)  

2 box options 

You can choose between the monthly shower box or the monthly bath box. Both will contain products to take care of you and do you good. If you order the SHOWER boxyou will receive products adapted to a ritual that revolves around the shower and daily rituals. 

If you order the BATH boxyou will receive products adapted to a ritual that revolves around the bath and daily rituals. 

This is NOT a subscription. 

If you like the concept and want to subscribe ... here are some advantages of a monthly subscription

1 You save on the cost of each product. Basically, you get a lot more for your money! We like that! If you subscribe for 3.6 or 12 months.

 These are exclusive products each month, it's the best way to discover hundreds of products with different fragrances. A great way to explore your tastes. Sometimes, you will be able to receive one of our favorite products sold in store.

3  The mission of each box is to give you time for yourself. Each month, give yourself these moments of well-being.

 If you don't like the theme for a month, you can simply give it as a gift for a birthday, a great way to give an original gift and save time.

You have 3 subscription choices: 3, 6 or 12 months!

In your box:

5 to 8 products discovered per month (bath, shower, health, well-being, decoration, service ...)

Any notice, question, request or comment should be sent to the following email address: 

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