After-sport range

Wrap yourself in post-movement self-care

Whether you move every day, once a week or twice a month, your body will love it if you create a post-movement routine. A set of little touches that you will give him to help him recover from the effort he has just made.

We have chosen to offer a range of after-sport oils so that you can pamper your wonderful body that allows you to accomplish so much every day. We have partnered with Acte Training to develop appropriate treatments that work to soothe and relax your muscles.

Here are the products that you can easily add to your post-movement self-care:

No 1 - Selv x ACTE body muscle massage oil

Designed based onessential oils of wintergreen, rosemary, vetiver, pine, palo Santo, grapefruit, rose, jojoba, baobab and vitamin E, this oil is what you need to relax your muscles, with a good massage, after the effort! 

No 2 - Selv x ACTE recovery muscle oil

This oil was developed to target particularly sore muscles. Simply apply a small amount directly to the painful muscle and massage gently for its soothing effects to be felt.

No 3 - Selv x ACTE Bath and Body Oil

What's better than immersing yourself in a nice hot bath after working our beautiful muscles?! Bath and Body Oil amplifies the relaxing effect of your bath with its enveloping aromas and its relaxing properties! The perfect addition for a post-exercise bath.

No 4 - Selv x ACTE recovery bath salt

Epsom salt is one of the best remedies for sore muscles, it was obvious that we were going to offer you a Selv x ACTE version. A must for a complete relaxation session!

We are proud to have developed this collection carefully crafted to help your body recover from your movements. We encourage you to take the time to stretch before and after your movements, to stay hydrated throughout the day and to make sure you get enough sleep, in addition to these relaxing treatments so that your body can continue to allow you to live this beautiful life that is yours.

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