Go from day to night smoothly

The days are always so busy. Whether it's work, family routine, hours of traveling from point A to points B, C and D, happy hours, meetings with friends or any other commitment/appointment. In the evening, when everything is done (or almost done), it can be difficult to change our energy from action to relaxation prior to going to bed.

It would be beneficial to take the time to establish an end-of-day routine that will calm our heads and bodies so that we can have a restful night. If this is already part of your life, you will find in this article some ideas to enhance it and maybe ideas to add to it according to your mood. If you don't have an evening routine, we invite you to add tiny moments, week after week, here and there, in order to build one that suits you.


✦ Wash your face and pamper it

Whether you wear makeup or not, washing your face before going to bed is a must! Our skin undergoes multiple attacks every day and deserves to be pampered in the evening. A deep cleansing followed by one or more skin care is always welcome. Tonic,Tonic, oil, night cream, gua-sha, take the time to apply your products/care routine mindfully and gently massage your face. The muscles in your face will thank you and your mind will slowly calm down.

✦ Body relaxation

Of course, we couldn't talk to you about the evening routine without talking to you about the bath! At Selv, we want to ensure that you have access to bathing rituals that will meet your current needs, the Moon range is also a body and bath oil ideal for those who plan to add a good bath to your routine to relax your body, and your mind, which has not stopped all day. But be aware that this ritual can also be applied to your skin, either on the wrists, or as a massage on parts of your body that need it. Its aromas of lavender and mint will soothe your mind and help you drift off for a restful night. So whether you put it in your bath, on your wrists before your meditation or your evening yoga, Moon Ritual botanical oil is versatile and will follow your desires.

 Less screen

You've probably already heard about how screens overstimulate our brains. We spend our days watching them, whether at work or to get information, network, keep in touch with our loved ones, we often (always) have our eyes glued to a screen. A break is therefore more than beneficial in order to calm our mind. In the evening, after finalizing your day and starting your relaxation routine, leave your screens aside. This small change will have a big impact on the quality of your sleep, believe us.

✦ It’s all about the atmosphere

The ambiance in which we live is not negligible. If your environment is noisy, both in sound and visual terms (e.g. television in the background, busy family life or shared accommodation, very bright light, etc.) it is very likely that your brain has difficulty settling down. Dim the lights or turn off those that you aren’t using, light candles with soft, enveloping aromas, play music that calms you, diffuse a soothing oil. All these little details will make a big difference in your mood and will prepare you, head and body, for bed. 


The oil to diffuse from the Lune range is perfect for creating this atmosphere.


We hope that these suggestions will help you find a routine that suits you and lead to peaceful and restorative nights.


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