Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, give your loved one the gift of time. Here are some gift ideas for the occasion!


The Rituel Blomst

Who doesn't love the smell of lily of the valley and lilac on their body? It's like being in a flower garden with every bath. 


The Rituel Quartz

Nothing is more romantic than the smell of pure rose. The rose being the emblematic flower of love, brings an enveloping and comforting effect at bath time. A real charm. 

Offer flowers, but otherwise!

By offering our confetti greeting cards for Valentine's Day, it's like offering a bouquet of flowers, but personalized. Flower confetti to remind the person you love of their value in your eyes.


You're never wrong with a gift certificate! A great way to allow the person to create their own ritual. 


Good Selv-Valentin! xx

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