The infusion process of our botanical bath and body oils

Have you ever wondered how we come to have such extraordinary bath and body oils? We explain the process that allows us to offer you the best botanical oils.

 Our oils are infused with plants, herbs and fruits for over a month! In cosmetics, the purpose of macerating oils is to keep the active ingredients of a plant and even strengthen them. The smell of the product will be even more intense and the benefits too! 

Why do we macerate our oils?

Oily maceration is very effective in retaining essential oils. It is effective thanks to several vitamins and phenolic compounds such as flavonoids which give properties to oils, such as antioxidant or anti-inflammatory effect. It is super nourishing and soothing for your skin and what about the smell! Why use a simple oil when you can use an oil "pimped" with active plant ingredients?

What are we infusing?

Basically, we infuse all the raw materials of nature! Flowers, plants, fruits, herbs, spices, seeds and more.

How do we do?

There are two ways to perform oily maceration: hot or cold. Hot, is the accelerated way to extract the properties of an oil. Cold is the slowest way and also the way that allows us to achieve these incredible results. 

In fact, we macerate raw materials such as our flowers directly in our bottles. We always leave a time of about a month so that these elements integrate well with the oils. When you get one of our oils, you don't use it all once, so this infusion process continues over and over again, making our oils extremely rich and nutritious for your skin.

Our bath salts

And if you ever wondered for our bath salts. We let our bath salts infuse for one to two months! This is what gives them that effervescent and long-lasting smell. It is also what allows the exfoliation of your skin with our salts. They gently exfoliate and leave your skin smooth and nourished. 

We have a surprising variety of scents and textures of infused botanical oils for bath and body! Come discover them here.

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