Mastectomy and Femininity

  • 28,600 Canadian women/men received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2022.
  • On average, every day, 78 Canadian women/men receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

Mastectomy is a surgery to remove all or part of the breast(s) in women or anyone with breasts who has breast cancer. This operation often requires a period of healing and adaptation, both physically and emotionally.


Although this operation can save lives, it can also change one's perception of their own femininity. Breasts are considered in our societies as a symbol of femininity, and their loss can be associated with the loss of femininity.

But what exactly is femininity? Where does it come from?

Femininity is a social construct. In ancient societies, the concept of femininity was closely linked to reproduction, motherhood, fertility, procreation, and child-rearing. Today, the definition of femininity is more fluid and diverse, reflecting the diversity and complexity of feminine identity. Femininity can be found in personality, skills, emotions, relationships, and lived experiences.

It is important to note that society imposes physical norms on us through advertising, social media, and popular culture. It is up to us to redefine what makes us a woman and be proud of it.

Today, we invite you to find your own expression of femininity. It is a personal journey that can be both exciting and rewarding. Be patient with yourself and take the time to discover yourself on the inside, because that is where the key to your own fulfillment lies.

What sets your body apart from society's standards, and what makes you proud and attractive?

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