Transgender people are an integral part of our society. They bring unique perspectives, identities, and experiences that can enrich culture in ways we may not have imagined before, for better or for worse.

The inclusion of transgender people is a human rights issue. They deserve to feel accepted and we must recognize that gender identity is not just about boys and girls, but rather a spectrum of possibilities, allowing transgender people to exist without fear of judgment or exclusion.


Unfortunately, transgender people have been victims of discrimination in many areas of society, such as education, access to healthcare, and employment, for far too long. We must work together to ensure that transgender people are treated with respect and dignity so that they can live their lives without prejudice or stigma.

Transsexuality allows for an opening of dialogue on gender identities, offers support to transitioning individuals, and promotes better understanding between different genders for more visibility of alternative identities.

This is why we, at Selv, are committed to giving them a voice by representing them more and more in our advertising content.

Does the representation of models from diverse genders, bodies, and ethnicities influence your purchasing decisions before supporting a company?

We invite you to join the discussion by sharing your answer in the comments.


Bien dit Marie-Eve!

Anais April 19, 2023

Ce n’est pas un critère d’achat, mais j’aime quand les marques que j’encourage le font.

Marie-Eve April 19, 2023

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