Playlists by La Bronze

Hello handsome human!

It is with a lot of excitement and inspiration that I created these six playlists that with the subtleties of each theme, will invigorate your heart, body, soul and spirit.

 I have carefully chosen each piece for the large bouquets of yet unknown flowers they carry, the journeys of endless lands they evoke, the great nameless emotions they generate.

I invite you to let these sounds penetrate your skin to mingle with the tasty Selv fragrances.

Surrender to the sensations of sweetness and liveliness, let your heart ignite, your mind to settle, your fears to flee.

 Offer to the bath water what no longer serves you and allow the frequencies of these parts to operate in pleasure this healing and this flowering that they are dying to provide to your being.

 You deserve to feel good and you know it. :-)

I invite you to say yes to yourself, to what wants to be, to the energies of the Moon, the Forest, your internal Boho, Quartz, Sun and Cold who want to dance in you, with you.

Good sessions!