Cocoa and oat milk bath recipe

Who said chocolate wasn't good for you? Bathing in chocolate, a dream come true! Cocoa is an incredible ingredient to put in your bath for all its benefits. We offer you a bath recipe that will satisfy you for sure.

Preparation time

10 minutes 


- Fresh purple, white, pink and yellow flowers

-½ cup raw cocoa powder

-1L of oat milk

-1 to 2 pipettes of peppermint bath and body oil (optional, for mint chocolate fans)


Boil water, add the cocoa to the boiling water and stir everything. This ensures that the cocoa does not form lumps. You can then put everything in your bath: the flowers, the oat milk and peppermint bath and body oil (if you wish).

Benefits of cocoa for the skin

Cocoa is extremely rich in polyphenol, so is very antioxidant, it tones, brightens and smoothes the skin. It also boosts collagen and skin elasticity. Its high content of fatty acids and phytosterols also allows it to nourish and repair the skin. In your bath, it is very soothing and restores radiance to your skin. It helps to fight against external aggressions. Cocoa contains agents that help skin heal and repair itself. Something to soothe fragile or irritated skin.

so relaxing

Did you know that the simple act of smelling chocolate increases the body's secretion of endorphins and serotonin, the pleasure hormones? You will have this effect by taking a cocoa bath. You will instantly feel more relaxed. For chocolate freaks, you could make this bath recipe and eat your favorite chocolate bar at the same time. 

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