The little guide to the SELVMADE box Le Rituel Chalet


To wish for nothing other than this calm which inhabits me while listening to the crackle of the wood taking its momentum. Like this heat, I let myself go. 

Your SELVMADE box  

This month, in your SELVMADE box, we created a sweet and delicious immersive experience. The month of November inspires us to warm up, bundle up and have fun. November inspires sweetness. Take care of yourself and give yourself love. This box was designed to do you good, spoil you without guilt. 

GREAT NEW : The SELV Circular 

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The Chalet DOUCHE Ritual 

  • A sparkling vanilla oil
  • A coffee eye oil 
  • A Mokaccino + hazelnut candle
  • A sachet of coffee beans coated with dark chocolate 
  • The SELV circular for the month of November
  • A foaming exfoliant  
  • A cocoa hair mask 

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The experience 

First of all, you absolutely have to do this ritual with a hot drink. A coffee, a hot chocolate or a latte. Take a look at our recommendations in the Chalet BAIN Ritual experience. 

Start by lighting your Moodgie candle in your bathroom. This candle reminds us of the smell of hot mocha coffee that we drink after a great day of skiing or snowboarding in the chalet. 

Before, during, after your shower ritual. Enjoy some coffee beans coated with dark chocolate. A treat that doesn't have to be earned, just enjoy it. 

The Cocoa Hair Mask is ideal for nourishing dry hair that needs a little boost of shine and vitality. It contains shea butter and cocoa butter, 2 incredible ingredients to nourish both hair and skin. Take a good amount and soften the product in your hands before applying it to your hair. You can apply it everywhere. Leave to stand for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 

Psst. You can even apply the Cocoa Hair Mask to your skin like body butter! 

The foaming exfoliant was designed as a treat to complement your ritual. It cleanses and foams like a shower gel, in addition to gently exfoliating the skin. Massage the product onto your chest with circular motions. Enjoy the smell. You can then wash yourself with your regular body soap. For an even more in-depth exfoliant, we highly recommend the coffee and cocoa scrub offered in the BATH box. It will stimulate and activate blood circulation, in addition to toning your skin. Especially since the smell is divine. 

As you step out of the shower, you are invited to apply the Vanilla Shimmering Body Oil. It smells so good you would want to drink it! 

Then, stir your coffee eye oil well. It’s normal that there are lumps inside, it’s aloes. It is a 100% natural product with no preservatives or chemicals. The coffee oil will stimulate blood circulation all around your eyes and the aloe will give a cooling sensation and provide double hydration. 

 To take your shower ritual further 

If you want to take your showering ritual even further, you can get the'Damascus rose oil to apply to the tips of your hair after you get out of the shower. You could also choose theBotanical Bath & Body Oil Quartz to put on your tips. It will help to nourish your hair to the maximum and give it a beautiful shine until your next shampoo. 

You can also continue your purification ritual with a sage and flower smudge. It's an exclusive product, only available to monthly box subscribers so take advantage of it!

The Chalet BAIN Ritual

  • A sparkling vanilla oil
  • A coffee eye oil 
  • A Mokaccino + hazelnut candle
  • A sachet of coffee beans coated with dark chocolate 
  • The SELV circular for the month of November
  • A body exfoliant
  • Powdered bath milk

Psst. the promo code SELV20 gives you 20% off on

The experience

As with the SHOWER Ritual, you must absolutely enjoy your bath with a hot drink. A coffee, a hot chocolate or a latte. We love it hot chocolate with reishi or even the `` milk '' with cocoa and turmeric by Blume. Simply delicious and contains only the right ingredients for you.

Run the hot water in your bath until it is full. Meanwhile, light your Mokaccino + Moodgie Hazelnut candle. Pour the entire contents of your sachet of bath powder into the bath water. Take the time to stir the powder until smooth. It may take a few minutes, but take the time to enjoy the moment. Make shapes that inspire you in the bath water, like latte art.

Next, put 2-3 pipettes of sparkling vanilla oil in the latte water of your bath. Again, you can make shapes with your fingers in the milk and oil. Circles, lines, waves. 

Enjoy your moment. Leisurely bite into the chocolate coated coffee beans. Taste. 

You can get the cocoa hair mask offered in the SHOWER box in the exclusive products offered to subscribers of SELVMADE boxes. Excellent for nourishing your hair, from tip to scalp. Shine and vitality! 

Next, exfoliate your body with Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub. It will activate blood circulation and provide tone to the skin. It was created to soften without dissipating in bath water. Take a good amount from your sachet and put it in the water to soften it. You can then rub the product on your skin in circular motions. 

Just like the SHOWER ritual, apply theVanilla Shimmering Body Oil on your body. You can also use this oil to give your skin a beautiful pearly finish when you go out for a party. Ouuuh, sexy! 

Similar to the DOUCHE ritual, mix well your coffee eye oil. It's the aloe that creates the lumps you might see in your oil. It's normal. Aloe is excellent for restoring radiance to the eyes, soothing puffy eye contours, nourishing fine lines and wrinkles, and more. We love! 

To take your bathing ritual further 

If you want to take your bathing ritual even further, you can get the Flowers complementary kit to place in your vanilla latte bath. Such a soft and pleasant result. 

You can also add bath salt to your bath latte. the Quartz bath salt is a simply perfect addition to this latte bath. The vanilla scent of the bath powder and the rose scent of the salt is divine. A more than perfect mix. 

You can also continue your ritual with crystals, which will bring you positive energies and keep the less good ones away. Each stone has specific virtues that will bring you well-being. We offer you the selenite half-moon and the transparent quartz pyramid

Cocooning evening 

To push your evening relaxation to the maximum, here is a Easy and Vegan Cinnamon Buns Recipe that we love. Don't feel like cooking? No one refuses a toast at peanut butter and chocolate. A delight. 

The Chalet Ritual is not complete without a hot drink! We highly recommend the reishi hot chocolate available in our SELV Market. Only good ingredients for you and your body. 

And There you go! All you need to do is turn on your television, put on a romantic comedy and roll yourself up in your blankets. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and would like to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box in your customer account. To get the extra products that we mention in this little guide, you just have to click on them directly in the text.