I am so happy to share with you my passion for bath salts and body oils. In my earliest memories, I always felt an incredible pleasure and sense of belonging when "bath time" arrived. The bath is part of all my decisions: when choose a hotel, an apartment, a chalet... There has to be a bathtub, a beautiful bathtub! It is impossible for me to live in a space where there is no possibility to start and end my days in a bath. Submerging myself in hot water quickly gives me a feeling of extreme rest. By quietly integrating the bathing rituals, I came to the point where I could no longer do without them. Whether it's placing a few flowers and crystals around my bath or directly in the water, lighting candles, my sage stick or Palo Santo... For each action, I think about the positive and negative aspects of my day. Through a simple action such as laying flowers, the bathing ritual helps me to physically free myself from my anxieties, my questioning or acts as an advisor when I have to make decisions. Everything seems easier, my thoughts converge, so to speak, helping me to think, to concentrate gently and to be as close as possible to my real needs. Taking a bath is for me a form of meditation, fast, effective and enveloping. I'm a mother and a business woman and I don't always have an hour to put on my bath, but if I have to, I'll take 15 minutes, just for me. Sarah Laroche, Founder of SELV