Selv Rituel

SELV X ACTE bath and body oil

$64.00 CAD

The experience 

Invitation to muscle relaxation as well as the release of tension following physical training. In addition to transporting your mind away from everyday life.


It smells... 

The oil smells of cedar, fir and smoke. 


The extra 

Accompany each ritual with a free Act on (general website, the collaborative section with SELV.RITUEL is only available in advance of the purchase of one of the SELV X ACTE products or if you subscribe to Acte Traning) with any purchase. The link for your Free Act is listed in the product box. Each product has its own Act. 

ACTE TRAINING session linked to ACTE 1 - Stretching

ACTE TRAINING session in connection with ACTE 2 - Introductory work out 

ACTE TRAINING session in connection with ACTE 3 - Self-massage 

ACTE TRAINING session in connection with ACTE 4 - Guided meditation

ACTE TRAINING session in connection with ACTE 5 - Breathing exercise



  • For the bath: add between 2 to 3 pipettes of oil directly into the warm water of your bath. 
  • For your body: use it as a massage oil. Apply 1 or 2 pipettes of oil to the desired location. For example, you can apply 1 ml to each wrist to benefit from its relaxing properties. 

*For external use only. Do not apply to lips, eyes or genitals. 


You asked us:  

  • How many uses do I have with a bottle of oil? 

Bath: You can take up to 30 baths with your oil using 3ml per bath (which is more than enough).  

Body: you can use your oil up to 90-99 times by applying 1ml per time (which is enough for a specific area).  


  • What are the benefits of the oil on my skin?  

In addition to having relief benefits, the oil nourishes your epidermis. A good oil helps your skin retain water finds and thus retains its hydration. The oil also provides vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the good health of your skin. 


  • How long does the oil keep? 

Your product will be good for 1 year. Do not expose your bottle to intense light or humidity. 


  • My product arrived frozen, is it serious? 

Not at all, just wait for the product to thaw. All our products are resistant to extreme freezing point as well as extreme heat. 


  • We didn't answer your question?

Write to us at 

We will be happy to answer your questions Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EDT.



Cedar essential oil, fir essential oil, vetiver essential oil, jojoba oil, baobab oil, vitamin E. 

Natural, vegan





Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Valerie Belanger
Un Must

L’huile de Bain et Corps Selv X Acte est absolument formidable. Elle nous donne le goût de s’entraîner pour justifier son utilisation…c’est comme une gaterie après entraînement. Son odeur est absolument sublime…Un très très beau produit à découvrir….

Anne-Marie Viens

Ça sent le ciel quand je mets l'huile dans mon bain avec le sel mélangé.