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Your personalized botanical oil

$42.00 CAD

By popular demand!!

Have you always dreamed of having your personalized botanical oil bottle? Here's your chance!

Fantastic for a party dinner, bachelorette, shower, wedding, birthday, corporate gifts...OMG! There are so many options! 

100% made in our Montreal workshop.

100% natural and 100% made with intention.

70ml format

Here are some creative ideas for you!

Relaxing oils

Lavender, sweet mint and magnolia

Lavender and violet

Lavender and eucalyptus

Stimulating oils

Sweet orange, lime and grapefruit

Sweet orange and lemon

Woody Fragrance Oils

Fir needle, spruce and eucalyptus

Wintergreen tea, eucalyptus

Fleurales fragrance oils

Rose and Magnolia

Lavender, rose 

Fruity Fragrance Oils

Peaches and sweet orange

Watermelon and lime

Grapefruit and Watermelon

Herbal Fragrance Oils

Rosemary, sweet mint 

Sweet Fragrance Oils

Chocolate and vanilla

Chocolate and coconut

Coconut and lime


  • We cannot have every creation approved before sending.
  • We will not be able to refund you if you change your mind once the order has been placed.
  • We will process your request within 7 to 9 business days.

Get 15% off when you order 20 to 49 identical oils.
Get 25% off when you order 50 to 99 identical oils.
Get 40% off when you order 100+ identical oils.

Do you want more than 50 personalized bottles? Or for any special project, write to us at info@selv.ca

The most important thing is to have fun creating ;) 


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