14 couple activities in confinement

Confinement can be difficult for many, especially if you are used to going out and going on adventures. On the other hand, there is always a way to make everyday life magical, without risking the health and safety of anyone. Here are 14 ideas for special activities to keep the flame alive and make this confinement more positive for your couple.

Create a spa at home

Run a hot bath and put in it fresh or dried flowers, fresh fruit, cell and of oil which smells delicious. You can even add a bubble bath... Nordic Where Flower.
Prepare 2 good glasses of wine, light some candles and burn some incense. We have one huge collection of incense which you can find on our site. 
You have everything you need to take a wonderful romantic bath. Even better than at the spa. 

To play board games

There are all sorts of super cool board games to play as a couple at home. There are the classics like playing any card game, chess, Scrabble, Uno, etc. But it's also the perfect time to get a new board game, or even puzzles to do for 2! We just have plenty here
The game Pillow talk is just perfect to put you in the mood for a moment of intimacy... ouuuh. 
To get even closer to your partner, you can try the game Connect


It can be a great way to refresh your common space and, at the same time, do your couple good.
You can DIY new decorative accessories, renovate an old piece of furniture you already have and/or find better ways to organize certain rooms. Go take a ride on Pinterest and create yourself a moodboard inspirations of projects that you would like to carry out together.

Organize a thematic evening

We can't travel anymore, so why not create a travel atmosphere for an evening?
Choose a theme or a country where you would like to go and organize the evening as if you were there. Prepare a menu inspired by the local culture of the place. DIY decorations, put on music and buy wine from the country in question. An immersion in the culture elsewhere, without leaving home! You can also take inspiration from a movie that you both like and try to reproduce a favorite scene.

Play sports together

The gyms are closed and we have to find a way to move at home... nothing less motivating than that. BUT, training with your partner is motivating! There are plenty of ways to move together. Do yoga classes together, couple workouts and even have sex! ;)
The most complete and pleasant platform to consult is Act Training. Try the multi-disciplinary training platform with our code SELV25 for 25% off your first month. 

watch a series

Oh yeah ! Start a new series that makes you both so delirious and why not the binge-watcher together? Popcorn, sweets, vino and blankets; what more do you want? Herbal tea? A coffee? A beverage? We got it all right here

To cook

This is the perfect time to plan healthy meals and freeze them for later. Soup, sauces, soups, pies, muffins, etc. And why not make preserves? Caramel, jam, flavored oils, pickled vegetables, special spice blends, etc. You can also try your hand at making your own bread. The possibilities are immense!

Do you write letters

It can be a super romantic letter, a funny letter, a letter to resolve a conflict, a letter to express how you feel, a list of gratitude, a poem, or whatever. No matter what it is, it's always special to receive a letter. Let your creativity and imagination run wild. You can hide it in a special place for your partner to find it by surprise. If you want to offer an even more special card, try our greeting cards with flower confetti


Get to know each other better

Even if sometimes we think we know everything about the other, this is never entirely the case. Here are 2 equally fun options for getting to know each other better while generating interesting discussions.
The 36 questions of psychologist Aron Arthur to make you fall in love: https://www.mieux-vivre-autrement.com/testez-les-36-questions-pour-tomber-amoureux.html
Or again, the game Connect, the game Pillow talk or even The Big Questions. 

Trying new things sexually

It could be trying new positions or new practices, or simply having sex in the afternoon instead of always having it in the evening or in the morning. Otherwise, you can try apps that can help spice up your sex life. I recommend you Sex Roulette, Can' U Where Here
You can also perhaps integrate different sex toys, which will allow you to discover new sensations. The Privacy Section contains a variety of products to explore! 

Do an outdoor activity

Despite the fact that several trails and parks are closed, there are still spaces where you can go to enjoy the fresh air! Go for a walk, go for a run, go to the slide slope, go skating, go skiing, etc.


That's not nearly fun and it can allow you to let go of your crazy! Put on songs you both love and sing along like never before for hours. Have yourself a few alcoholic drinks as if you were actually in a karaoke bar and live the dream.

Do you massage

Yes Yes. And to make sure everyone gets the same relaxation time, set a timer. You can make an evening where it is a person of the couple who receives the massage and the next day, it is the opposite. 
All our oils available on our site are ideal for use in massage oil. You can use coconut oil as a natural lubricant. Otherwise, thesandalwood oil has aphrodisiac properties. 

Give yourself challenges

I think this is my favorite activity idea. It can also fall into the category Truth or Consequence, but I just like the concept of challenging yourself without the "truth" part.
Examples: The best pizza, the most beautiful Christmas or holiday card, the funniest TikTok, etc.
Otherwise, long-term challenges like: succeeding in making the split on the ground within a set number of days or to successfully complete a handstand.

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