How to use our pendulums

Pendulums are used to answer different questions, whether personal, professional or romantic. 

How to purify your pendulum? 

The energetic cleansing of your pendulum is essential to obtain the most precise answers which are when using this one. It is recommended to clean it before the first use, but also once in a while. 

With sage. Burn a stick of sage for a few seconds and extinguish the flame. Pass your pendulum 4 to 5 times through the smoke to clean it. 

You can also let it sit for about an hour in direct sunlight. In the morning, it's even better. 

You can also completely cover your pendulum of brown rice, and let it rest for at least 24 hours. 

After cleaning it and before using it, you have to 'recharge' it with your own energy to connect with you. We recommend that you carry it in one of your pockets for 7 to 10 days. 

How to use it

To begin with, you must learn to hold it well in your hand for it to be effective.

Hold your pendulum with your non-directing hand, point up. Then place the chain in the palm of the other hand. Pinch the chain with the thumb and forefinger of your leading hand (right if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed). Close your other fingers to catch what's left of the chain. While leaving your hands and fingers as they are, tilt the pendulum so that the point is down. Let the pendulum go very slowly. 

Then you have to learn its language. Ask him what is the yes. The movement he will make during your request represents what is the yes for him. The same goes for the no and the maybe. 

And there you are, you are ready to use your pendulum. Ask him simple questions that can only be answered with yes, no or maybe. 

Which pendulum to choose? 

Each stone has different properties and vibrations. To make your choice, you must know which chakra you want to focus on and what you need. 

Amethyst pendulum

Amethyst is associated with the seventh chakra, the crown. You should choose this pendulum if you are looking for more peace and gratitude. 

It helps calm strong emotions, anger and anxiety. It brings more peace, calm and serenity. 

Raw Bloodstone Pendulum 

It is associated with the first chakra, the base and the anchor. You should choose this pendulum if you are looking for emotional stability and answers in your physical body. 

This stone will bring stability. It helps to motivate, concentrate, understand, refocus and take root. 

Raw quartz pendulum 

Quartz is can be used to open the third eye and the seventh chakra, the crown. If you don't know which pendulum to choose, you should choose this one. 

Promotes calm and brings new positive energies. It brings comfort, tenderness, sociability, tolerance and vitality. 

Shungite stone pendulum 

The shungite stone is associated with the root chakra, the first. You should choose this pendulum if you have questions about your professional life. 

It will stimulate creativity. It helps harmony, overall well-being. Associated with intelligence and success. 


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