Expectant mother?

Lots of questions surrounding the use of essential oils by pregnant women. Some professionals recommend avoiding essential oils, while others say they are safe.

The truth lies between the two extremes ...

Studies on the subject are theoretical, since research on pregnant women is difficult to do. Who wants to be a guinea pig? In short, a lot of extrapolation. The watchwords: caution and dosage.

The use and dosage of essential oils are therefore the keys to the debate.

At SELV, our products are of course cosmetic and artisanal 🙌🏻. The dosage of essential oils in our products is on average 20%. This concentration is too high for topical use, but when diluted in bath water, our oils are safe.

Obviously, we advise you to avoid applying pure essential oils directly to the skin, but a bath with scents of roses, chamomile or lavender can do you the greatest good!

According to different sources, certain essential oils should be avoided. The list is relatively long when you compare these sources. Fortunately, very few of these are used in our products.

We recommend the following SELV bathing rituals during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

And don't forget to take time for yourself, one ritual at a time ...

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