The top 5 dreams for a luxurious relaxation ritual

What if we decided to create the most luxurious SELV ritual that exists? Luxury at its peak. The pinnacle of the relaxation ritual. A heavenly bath to dream of. A real fantasy. 

You can take inspiration from these suggestions to create your own ideal and surreal bath ritual. You can change the products for others, or you can choose to use only some of the products that are offered to you and use others that you have at home. 

Need gift ideas? It's also a great way to create a ritual that perfectly complements to give as a gift to someone you love. 

Here is my dream top 5 

Top 5 - Citrus ritual 

Vitamins, energy. A ritual filled with vitality and good humor. For those who love the sweet and fresh scents of citrus fruits. 

I invite you to slice some fresh citrus fruits to fill your bath to the maximum. Believe me, the effect is stunning! Pour the contents of your immersive Le Rituel Boho kit into your bath, avoiding the match. Then pour in the contents of the Citrus complementary kit. 

Drop a few drops of the Desert essence into your essential oil diffuser, or even into your bath! You can put 2 or 3 drops of the essence in the hot wax of your floating lantern which is in your immersive kit. Desert essence sweet and sweet with white grapefruit, while being sensual with sandalwood. 

Use Truly's Face Scrub to prepare your skin for all of the nutrients in Harlow Boost Earth Fruit Mask. The exfoliant contains grapefruit oil, which gives it an exquisite citrus scent. Apply the mask to your face before sneaking into your warm citrus bath. After 7 to 15 minutes, remove the mask from your face. Spray Harlow's '' Treasure '' Face Toner on your skin. It contains orange blossom floral water, incredible for illuminating the complexion.

When it's done, you can use pure mandarin oil to nourish your skin. It is excellent for soothing and toning the skin. 

Top 4 - Night ritual 

Getting your body into a pure sleep and deep. A pre-bedtime ritual. 

Pour in the contents of your The Moon Ritual immersive kit and the Enlightenment complementary kit, taking care not to put the floating paper lanterns in the water yet. 

Light your incense and place it on your bathroom counter. Place your little obsidian pyramid on the edge of your tub. Obsidian helps to unlock shocks and fears. It highlights your talents. She will be able to give you motivation to move forward and grow. 

Slip into your bath, and place each candle floating in the water of your bath one by one. Enjoy the moment. Think of you. 

When coming out of the bath, add pure chamomile oil for an effect give you an additional calming effect. You can also roll the Moon Botanical Oil Roll on behind your ears, on your temples and on your wrists. Mint is excellent for relieving anxiety and lavender is conducive to good sleep.  

Top 3 - Tropical ritual 

Seasonal depression? A slight need to feel like you're in the south? We've got you covered. The kind of ritual to do in the afternoon, before getting ready for a night out with friends. 

First and foremost, prepare yourself a nice cup of simply decadent coconut matcha. This mixture will give you energy (do not consume before bedtime) and is filled with antioxidants. 

Pour the contents of your Le Rituel Soleil immersive kit into your bath, avoiding the match. Then pour in the contents of the Citrus complementary kit. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup of Sun dust in hot water. 

Drop 2 or 3 drops of Sun essence on the hot wax of your floating lantern. Your candle will become fragrant! 

Before applying your exfoliating mask, be sure to cleanse your skin. Then dIn a small bowl, mix 1/4 teaspoon of the product with double the water, raw honey or maple syrup. Mix the ingredients until a paste forms, apply a thin layer on your face. Let sit for up to 7 minutes, rehydrate with lukewarm water and gently exfoliate using minimal pressure. Rinse with water.

Then you can take the time to apply a simply adorable, vegan and natural nail polish. Then you can massage your cuticles (but also the whole body) with our nourishing coconut oil. 

Top 2 - Spa ritual at home  

The ultimate Scandinavian experience. Purify, free his mind.

The simplest and also the most popular. 

Pour the contents of your Le Rituel Boréal immersive kit into your bath, avoiding the match. Then pour in the contents of the complementary Wood kit, without using the Palo Santo stick. 

Light a cedarwood incense stick to create a cozy atmosphere with a smell of forest, fir. Divine. Enjoy your moment. 

When you get out of your bath, I suggest you massage your legs, arms, chest, feet and neck with the Nordic Ritual Oil. The scent of lavender and eucalyptus will remind you of the spa. 

Salt & deodorant Stones eucalyptus and cedar is the complementary scent to complete this simple, clean and refined ritual. 

Top 1 - Floral ritual 

Ah! I would be lying if I didn't tell you that this ritual is literally my candy ritual. The dream, quite simply. 

Pour the contents of your The Blomst Ritual immersive kit into your bath, avoiding the match. Then pour in the contents of the Flowers complementary kit. You can put a few drops of Quartz essence in the hot wax of your floating lantern or even in your bath water. A wonderful smell of rose. 

You can go and pick flowers outside near your home if the weather and the season are in your favor. Otherwise, buy yourself a beautiful bouquet. When it starts to wilt, cut off the stems and use only the flowers or even the flower petals to enhance your bath. 

Clean your face with the Konjac sponge. You only need to moisten the sponge and wipe it over your face. It purifies and removes make-up.

Before slipping into your bath, take a few drops of oil, whether it is our face oil or Damascus rose oil, gently pat the product on your face. Get into your bath. 

Take your rose quartz facial roller and massage your face. From high to low. The sensation is addictive, you will quickly find out. 

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