The benefits of masturbation

Is it really a secret that masturbation is wonderful for your health? Loving you also involves sexuality and your masturbation routine. Take the time to tell you I love you, to explore your body and to celebrate it, gently. 

You may be wondering why we talk to you about solitary pleasure? Because SELV is a way of life. the slow living until slow sex. Our department Privacy offers you several tools to enrich your sex life. 

Here are all the reasons why you should include masturbation in your ritual. 


Stress reduction 

It is well known that masturbation reduces stress. It allows the brain to produce hormones that are called pleasure hormones, endorphin, oxytocin and dopamine. These help to release both physical and psychological tensions. 


Improves sleep 

Stress reduction is inevitably a plus point for improving sleep. The hormones that masturbation release are excellent for promoting sleep. 


Deculminate the pleasure in couple then 

Auto-erotism brings a better understanding of your body and what you like. You can then better guide your partner towards what you like. 


Pain killer 

The oxytocin and endorphin produced during orgasm decreases the sensation of pain in the body. Masturbation would therefore help relieve headaches and even pain during menstruation. It stimulates blood circulation, which is said to improve skin health. 


Increases self-esteem 

Loving you by taking the time to do you good is so beneficial for your self-esteem. It's listening to your needs and responding to them. It's a wonderful way to change the image we have of our body towards something always more positive. 



J’aimerais bien me le faire et le faire en même temps!!! September 13, 2023

Merci Grace à vous mon ami va arrêter le erald Chalenge

Luca February 12, 2023

Ést ce qu il est bien de masturber tous les jours ? La masturbation peut elle amener l impuissance sexuelle chez l hommes

Sarr October 08, 2022

Est ce bien de se masturber tous les jours ?

Daverling David lulengd July 10, 2022

Est ce bien se masturber tous les jours ?

Cserjes gabriella June 26, 2022

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