Why exfoliate your skin and how to do it with our products

Hot weather is fast approaching and you want to prepare your skin which will be bare? After trying our exfoliation technique, you won't be able to help but touch your skin, it will be so smooth, soft and radiant.

Why exfoliate your skin?

According to skin health professionals, exfoliation promotes regular and uniform regeneration of the skin and allows better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the care products.

Exfoliation prevents skin asphyxiation. Indeed, a well exfoliated skin helps fight against pollution, dehydration and the accumulation of sebum which prevents it from regaining its natural freshness and radiance. The exfoliation becomes a kind of "big cleaning" to be carried out religiously and on a regular basis. It rids the epidermis of dead cells. You have to understand that the skin has its own rhythm of natural exfoliation (called desquamation), but sometimes it can be less regular, so why not give it a little boost?

How to do it with our products?

Get yourself a immersive kit of your choice. You can create an incredible exfoliator with its contents. All kits contain fruit or flowers and that's where the fun begins. When these fruits and flowers are well waterlogged, you can take them in your hand and add a little Himalayan salt and a bit ofbotanic bath and body oil that are in your kit. Make a light mixture by rubbing everything between your two hands, then massage the skin of your body. You will see that the Himalayan salt allows you to gently exfoliate your skin, to remove all your little dead skin. During this time, the vitamins and minerals contained in the fruits and flowers will be absorbed by your pores. Finally, thebotanic bath and body oil will leave your skin soft and nourished. 

By exfoliating yourself like this, you will find that it will last you much longer than a regular exfoliator. Promised!

It is a ritual that you can do in your bath or shower about once every two weeks or once a week if necessary.

Say hello to gorgeous skin!

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