The benefits of lavender oil

Lavender symbolizes freshness, silence and calm. An essential product for a milder spring!

The benefits 

lavender oil diffused in the air helps calm anxiety and promotes sleep. If you want to diffuse lavender in your home, we have Nordic Ritual Diffuser Oil which is eucalyptus and lavender. We have also Le Rituel Lune Diffuser Oil which is mint and lavender.

lavender oil is very beneficial for the respiratory system. It helps to make breathing easier by relaxing the muscles. Lavender can also relieve headaches and soothe dizziness.

on your skin, lavender oil is fantastic for small pimples. It also contains jojoba oil, so it can be applied to your face without any problem. Jojoba oil is known to regulate sebum production and lavender oil is a natural antiseptic that will help reduce small breakouts. 

The sweet fragrance of this oil envelops and reassures us. Its smell brings us calm, serenity and well-being. It is perfect as a baby massage oil. It calms the itching. lavender oil is sweet and nourishing. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes healing and relieves superficial burns such as sunburn. It also helps soothe the skin after waxing.



Bath: Add 2 to 3 pipettes of oil directly into the hot water of your bath. 

Body: To use as a massage oil, simply apply one or two pipettes of oil to the desired area.  

Face: a few localized drops on pimples. 

*For external use only. Do not apply to lips, eyes or genitals.   

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