The benefits of ice bathing

Surely you have already heard of the ice water bath or even tried it!

With the heat wave, it's certainly one of the best ways to cool off. Above all, this practice has multiple benefits! Scientists agree that ice baths are a real elixir for raising good mood and releasing energy.

Studies have shown that the cold has the power to fight depression thanks to the secretion of norepinephrine. That's what happens when you take a bath in ice water!

Ice baths cause immediate muscle relaxation and are often used by athletes after training or competition to reduce inflammation.

By immersing yourself in cold water, your body reacts immediately by stimulating and strengthening its immune system.

Nothing like cold to activate blood circulation. This promotes venous return and lymphatic drainage. Ideal against heavy legs, but also against the appearance of varicose veins or even for hair loss.

The cold can help relieve muscle aches and headaches.

Although it may seem strange to you, the cold bath helps to bring about a feeling of calm, relaxation and relaxation. Not only will your muscles be more relaxed, but your sleep will also be more restorative. The ice bath is also an invigorating stimulant and a guarantee of tonicity!


How to make your ice bath?

Run a bath as usual, but this time with lukewarm to cold water. You can then add a few bags of ice!

It will certainly be more difficult to immerse yourself in it the first time, but the more you do it, the easier it will be.

We recommend about 20-25 minutes or you will be completely immersed.


What product to add to your ice bath?

Sweet mint bath and body oil is great for helping blood circulation. If you have muscle pain, you will certainly appreciate the addition of this oil which will act as a calming and anti-inflammatory. 

Selv x Acte recovery bath salt is an essential to give you an instant feeling of relaxation. Epsom salt is carried to the muscles, magnesium sulfate, by its composition, is designed to relax the muscles.


Happy relaxation!

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